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Holland Haynie, MD

Family Medicine & Urgent Care Physician

Family Medicine
& Urgent Care Physician
Holland Haynie


Dr. Holland Haynie is a medical science specialist and healthcare professional with 20 years of experience as the driving force behind organizational development and effective policy management for multiple public and private health institutions. Dr. Haynie is a strong leader with a talent for defining the processes and procedures necessary for quality-focused operations. He is a highly skilled communicator adept at consulting with teams and clients to identify and address core needs. Dr. Haynie is able to present key medical information to community members and stakeholders in a clear, informative fashion. Throughout his career, Dr. Haynie has demonstrated a solid ability to forge relationships with community leaders and business partners.


Holland Haynie

"Medicine is a noble calling, I find profound joy in the privilege of witnessing lives unfold, from cradle to twilight years, embracing each moment with unwavering dedication and compassionate care. It's not merely about treating ailments; it's about nurturing hope, fostering trust, and cultivating resilience. In the delicate tapestry of human existence, I strive to be not just a healer, but a steadfast companion, guiding and empowering every individual towards a life of wellness, dignity, and fulfillment."   ~ Holland Haynie, MD

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